Innovative Modern Bathroom Designs with Stone Walls and Tiles

Modern Bathroom Designs with Stone Walls and Tiles - Bathroom is a vital room. Body cleanliness of home owner, starting from the cleanliness of the bathroom. Besides clean and tidy, of course you want to have an elegant bathroom. One alternative for decorating a bathroom is to use stone material. The use of stone materials can be applied on the bathroom floor or walls, can also be applied to both. Of course, the bathrooms were clean and elegant can make homeowners feel happy cleanse the body.
Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Designs with Stone Walls and Tiles

To decorate the bathroom using natural stone material is actually not so difficult. You just have to play the imagination, imagine as if you are in the wild. By doing so, you can imagine what kind of stone to be used, the colors and the dimensions of the stone material. To support your inspiration, I include some images that can give you a reference to the bathroom decor using natural stone.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Stone Tile Wall

Modern Bathroom Designs
The bathroom above it using a wall composed of stone tiles. The color of the walls so pretty like the style buildings of middle east. There are bath tub fused with shower, it is intended to save space. You can see, the room used is not too wide. The bathroom is suitable for a small house, but with an elegant style.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Vintage Style

Modern Bathroom Designs
Classic feel very pronounced in this bathroom. You can see the use of stone who compiled the bathroom wall. Mix of colors and materials used on the walls give the impression of a minimalist. Hey, you guys see the tub? Very vintage instead? Such as bathtub used by pirates, I think like that. So vintage.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Natural Stone Wall

Modern Bathroom Designs
What do you think about this bathroom? I think it's very natural look. See, the use of materials that make up the stone wall, still visible pattern of its without going through the process of grinding, only cut in such a way as to facilitate the arranging. But it was cool, especially combined with dark furniture, very harmonious.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Minimalist Modern Style

Modern Bathroom Designs
Minimalist modern impression felt in the bathroom that looked above. The use of flat material and with the matching color gives the impression of elegance. Not many trinkets indeed, but unsightly. I think this bathroom have adequate lighting. Apart from the light, open space above the bathroom provide adequate lighting.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Cost Effective Style

Modern Bathroom Designs
For those of you who have a limited budget, I think that the simple bathroom as it appears above is a wise choice. Notwithstanding style, your bathroom can be elegant. With a room that is not too relieved, you can save space by use compared with a tub shower. Cost-effective, but no less cool, of course.

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